• Image of Savor (CD)

Track Listing:
01. Bonnie & Clyde
02. Neon Sign
03. Slow Down
04. Black Swan
05. Always There
06. Regret
07. The Borrowers
08. Fight to Keep Me
09. Coming Clean
10. Deluge
11. Let's Meet Again
12. Savor

Released: April 28, 2012

Produced By: Bobby Chase & Bobby Herb
Mixing: Chad Wahlbrink
Mastering: Mike Poston

Photography: Caroline Nanson
Album Art: Darcy Wade
Album Design: Ian Anderson

Musicians: Drums – Vinay Shroff, Bass – Ben Jones, Electric Guitar – Jonny Fung, Acoustic Guitar – Natalie Royal, Banjo – Caleb Hickman, Pedal Steel – Brett Resnick, Cello – Melodie Morris, Violin – Bobby Chase, Piano – Bobby Chase, Percussion – Bobby Chase, Harmonies – Jordan Williams, The lovely women of Belmont University's Chamber Singers, Additional Acoustic Guitar on “Regret” by Keith Johnson, Additional Production by Kevin Grosch